Cryptocurrency management platform CoinLoan began to offer its native token CLT to interested parties at competitive rates. The company aims to raise capital to support the current and future operations and expand globally.

CLT is CoinLoan’s native token based on Ethereum standard ERC-20. The token holders can use it to cover fees at a 50% discount and receive a higher APY (up to 12.3%) under the condition of CLT staking. Only 22,000,000 CLTs have ever been created, out of which only 1,950,000 (9% from the overall volume) can be bought and traded by users. The token is available on Uniswap, Bittrex, Hotbit, and HitBTC exchanges for USDT, BTC, and ETH. Users can purchase the digital assets directly from CoinLoan.

After hitting 100k users in Q4, CoinLoan has no plans to stop its platform’s development. The team aims to innovate further and now offers CLT packages at discounted prices for those who would like to grow alongside the platform. A limited volume of CLT tokens (3,000,000) will form the packages that start at K. Users looking to take advantage of the deal should leave their email in this form and wait for CoinLoan to send the Terms and Offering conditions with further information.

“Our native token, CLT, has grown tremendously in value, reaching ATH this year. The figure is a new all-time high, and it won’t end there. We have planned a lot for the upcoming year, and we would love you to be a part of our history. So far, we have been developing steadily. We tripled our budget for the platform’s development during the summer, which resulted in much higher growth across all key metrics. This has also positively affected CLT.” – Alex Faliushin, CEO of CoinLoan.

“We have planned a lot for the upcoming year. Thus, we are launching a crypto card in collaboration with VISA. The card is directly associated with the CoinLoan wallet. We will also add a new utility feature to our CLT token. We aim to build the best crypto management platform the market has ever seen!” – Max Sapelov, CTO and Co-founder of CoinLoan.

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan is a cryptocurrency fintech company incepted in 2017 and licensed under the Estonian Financial License. Over the past four years, it has developed a platform of the same name that offers cryptocurrency management products, such as Interest Account, Crypto Exchange, and Crypto Loans. CoinLoan’s goal is to provide state-of-the-art tools for cryptocurrency veterans and enthusiasts looking for ways to grow and manage their digital assets. Constant innovation and development remain one of the primary aims of the company.

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