It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the public sale of BUMP. Following rounds of highly successful and sought-after token sales, which have raised a combined total of .5million, BUMP will now be undergoing its public sale on December 9

Bumper’s registration for public sale will open on December 2 – make sure you save this date because if you’re successfully registered you’ll have access to BUMP’s public sale price of .50 (turns out users can put a price on peace of mind in the cryptocurrency markets after all).

At the public sale, BUMP hodlers will have the option to purchase the token at a reduced price of .25 by staking their shiny new BUMP for 3 months and receive staking rewards on top of this. If this sounds too good to be true, you clearly haven’t been in cryptocurrency for long enough.

They are anticipating considerable demand around their public sale – their token sales have all been heavily oversubscribed in the past; they’ve raised .5m in total, most recently in October when their BUMP presale raised .75m. Sleeping on this event will be like sleeping in someone else’s Lambo. Be prepared on December 9, or be prepared to FOMO in later.

Apart from the well-known price protection protocol, holding BUMP tokens allows you to play a role in the future of Bumper as it moves toward a DAO, giving holders voting rights and a role in the governance of the protocol. 

The BUMP token is required to utilize the protocol’s price protection mechanism, receive Maker rewards, and also to stake into the protocol. BUMP tokens are also used in a system of “bonding” when a policyholder uses the platform, so having a wad of them in your wallet now might mean you can protect more later.

Just in case you need any more reasons to hodl BUMP, there is also a loyalty program that will be launching in the near future, but right now, there is an exclusive community on Telegram, the Sky Lounge, that requires participants to hold a specific amount of BUMP to join.

Bumper can’t wait to welcome all new Sentinels into the Bumper community once they have launched publicly.

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