Vault Hill today announces the launch of its new website design as it prepares for the Initial Land Offering of its metaverse and Pre-sale of its Vault Hill City (VHC) token.

The VHC metaverse aims to revolutionize how humans interact with and in the digital world. The project is focused on enhancing human experiences by integrating virtual and augmented reality with blockchain technology to create a unique digital world of extended reality.

The new website design is part of Vault Hill’s holistic approach to improving user experience while interacting in extended reality. It will serve as the gateway to the Vault Hill city metaverse, and as part of the improved functionalities on the website, users will be able to create unique avatars. The avatars will become their passport to the VHC metaverse and a key component for VR identity and user data protection and privacy.

Vault Hill is creating its metaverse, which is a  unique model of virtual shared space and the Internet where users can interact with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and with other users within the space. The fusion of VR and AR is at the forefront of Vault Hill’s model of enhancing human experiences.

It also leverages blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing technologies. As part of its process, Vault Hill aims to simplify creators’ tools with dynamic user interfaces which will increase the adoption rate and monetize created content through smart contracts

Vault Hill sets out to solve, in principle, the lack of intuitive and rich user experience within the virtual reality space, while ensuring data privacy and protection for users. It has devised a model for content creators where perennial issues about the inability to maximize rewards, and the lack of content ownership, are adequately solved.

Vault Hill also attends to investors’ concerns relating to unsustained economic returns and the lack of value creation.

According to the founder of Vault Hill, Jimi Daodu, “by leveraging extended reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies, we aim to create a metaverse that focuses on the principles of creativity, experience, and share which enhances the human experience”.

Vault Hill proposes to build the first extended reality metaverse that focuses on themes of the basic human instincts, such as curiosity, vision, community, idealism, vitality, romance, and imagination. Overall, the VHC metaverse will redefine human reality and experience and make us feel a bit more human every time we visit.

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