The new social media platform has integrated the Algorand Blockchain and announced a new NFT feature, making this the first social media platform of its kind.

A new social media platform, The LoveChain has announced its integration with Algorand Blockchain to bring a new NFT feature, allowing content creators to upload particular posts and turn them into NFT’s, enhancing creativity and engagement. The announcement was made on October 14, 2021, with more information to come. 

Thanks to the speed and simple upload requirements on the Algorand blockchain, The LoveChain will be the first social media platform in the world that allows a user to create their own NFT that they can post, sell, place in marketplaces, etc, all from one spot. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Algorand and being the first social media platform in the World that will have the ability to allow users to create an NFT from their own content shared on The LoveChain platform,” stated the founder of The LoveChain, Adam Mazzaferro. “It is also important to us that we are delivering a social media platform that addresses many of the issues around the treatment of a user’s personal information, data, and content.”

The LoveChain is planning to become a new generation of social media on the blockchain that makes sure your privacy is at the forefront while sharing your content. With The LoveChain, you will be able to keep memories forever and make sure your data is protected.

About the LoveChain

The LoveChain platform is a blockchain-based social media platform that allows users to create an immutable record of the people, pets, and objects that they love. Every profile on the LoveChain is allocated a cryptographically generated code number which is used to symbolize the uniqueness of the relationship.

The LoveChain ecosystem includes the LoveChain platform, third-party applications, digital content creators, merchants, and the online store.  Within the LoveChain ecosystem, the LOVR (LoveChain rewards token) can be used to derive discounts through the online merchant store with users also being able to move LOV tokens to each other. 

Learn more about the LoveChain at Website, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and join the Telegram Community.

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