Crypto trading platform Coinrule garnered over million in a seed fund investment round of big name investors.  

Early on September 27th, the crypto startup Coinrule announced the finalization of a .2 million round of seed funding. The startup attracted some of the biggest names in the fintech industry. Those companies included Fitbit, Twitch and Kayak. 

The crypto startup markets itself as an automated crypto trading service, which allows investors access to professional-style investment strategies. These strategies capitalize on key market moments and provide downside investor protection. In the future, the platform plans for additional investment features. One such planned feature is back-testing possibilities for investors to gauge how their strategies would’ve performed in past market circumstances. 

According to Gabriele Musella, one of the cofounders of Coinrule, the idea behind this platform is equality. The cofounder cited a portion of the crypto market under the control of big investment banks and hedge funds.  “We want to put normal people on a level playing field—to give them the opportunity to implement the same strategies and to learn as they invest.”

Musella highlighted the tactics of professional investors, which employ groups of coding experts to build investment algorithms. Coinrule, according to another cofounder Oleg Giberstein, does this for individual investors who don’t have the same abilities. 

“With our platform you don’t need those skills because we’ve built around 200 strategies you can choose to automate,” Giberstein said. “Or you can build your own strategy on the platform with plain English instructions, rather than in code.”

Crypto market politics

Over the last year the crypto market saw a major increase in interest and activity from new investors, both major and individual. According to an industry analyst, individual investors are responsible for much of the uptick in the industry. 

Coinrule says this last year saw rapid growth of their platform, which now has more than 80,000 global users. Trading volume of the startup is now around 100 million pounds a month. Another future plan is integration with major exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance. 

Moreover, the latest round of funding allows the company the possibility of market expansion and additional social elements for the platform. 

“The opportunity is clear and present for Coinrule to help a range of people with crypto assets to generate value and protect their assets,” adds Musella. “Learning to trade manually is difficult and time-consuming and the relative knowledge of professional and hobbyist investors is very different, and so is their access to opportunities.”

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