CEX.IO Broker is delighted to announce that it has eliminated all fees and commissions, becoming the first commission-free cryptocurrency margin trading platform in the world with this unprecedented move.

In the past few months, the cryptocurrency asset class has experienced significant growth in demand from both individuals and institutional investors. The number of cryptocurrency users globally more than doubled between January and June 2021. Together with investors, the number of traders, looking to benefit from short-term cryptocurrency price fluctuations, also increased. 

As new traders flock to dynamic cryptocurrency markets, they often discover that trading fees can eat up a significant part of their profits and even turn their ROI negative.

CEX.IO Broker understands how fees can alter the financial outcomes of trading strategies. That’s why CEX.IO Broker introduced commission-free trading on its digital asset margin trading platform. This move enables clients to trade all pairs supported by the platform without fearing that the fees would take away a great portion of their profits. 

By refusing to charge traders commissions for opening, closing, and maintaining positions, CEX.IO Broker offers users greater freedom to take advantage of a wide variety of market opportunities.

The commission-free CEX.IO Broker is a part of the CEX.IO Ecosystem. This means, the more users, to whom margin trading is appropriate, can take advantage of the markets on CEX.IO Broker, the more activity it generates in other CEX.IO products. Users receive a democratized access to the decentralized economy and the entire CEX.IO Ecosystem benefits.

Besides removing fees, CEX.IO Broker continuously expands the mix of currency pairs available for trading. In summer 2021, an extensive list of pairs with DeFi tokens augmented an already diverse set of markets on the platform.

Users can open long and short positions in AAVE, BTT, BNT, KAVA, KNC, SNX, UMA, and many others. Aside from the digital assets, users can also trade derivatives on commodities, fiat currencies, and largest equities.   

About CEX.IO Broker

As a key product of the CEX.IO Group’s ever-expanding ecosystem, CEX.IO Broker is a robust digital asset margin trading platform that offers high flexibility for its clients. Created to allow market participants to benefit from both up and down price movements of cryptocurrencies, the service allows users to long and short digital assets by trading derivatives with leverage.

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